Gunsmithing Price List

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Basic Pricing List

Shop Labour: $125/hr

Hourly rate (min): $100/hr

Machine: $150/hr

Scope mounting & Bore sight: $50

Full Service cleaning: $100

Recoil Pad install: $60

Custom Rifle Assembly Fee: $1250

Blue Printing Actions

Phase 1 - $125

Phase one includes checking bolt face and lug contact, then we square up and lapp.

Phase 2 - $225

Same as phase one, but we will cut back the receiver face square to bolt bore raceway, then square lugs up and lapp them.

Phase 3 - $300

Phase 3 has us checking bolt face contact, as well as bolt lug contact. We’ll cut the internal threads to be .010 oversize. After that we will cut back the receiver face square to the bolt bore raceway, square the lugs up and lapp them. This process is only available when installing a new barrel before it is threaded. *This is mainly applied to Remington model 700’s/sevens, and older Winchester Model 70’s.*

Barrel Flutes

Flutes are straight, and typically have 6 grooves. Accumarking or flute colouring is also available, along with other options depending on the barrel.

Barrel Flutes: $325

Barrel Flutes (Accumarked): $400

Barrel Installation

Barrel installation includes threading the barrel, cutting the chamber, and cutting/crowning the barrel. We will also test fire to prove the chamber, and spin finish to a 320 grit metal finish if you would like metal finishes such as cerakote or bead blasting. Metal finish is not included.

Standard Install $400

Wildcat or Custom Requests $450

Bead Blast Finish

Removes the shine from stainless.

Barreled Action Only - $125

Complete Rifle - $200

Bolt Knob Installation

Machined and threaded handle with installation of bolt knob.

Includes metal refinishing back to the original, matching the bolt knob to the action.


Price includes traditional bolt knob or multiple designs and options available.


Traditional hot blueing in satin finish, included basic metal prep.


Heavy Rust pitts, etc will bring additional charges based on hourly rate.

Starting @ $400

Cerakote/Powdercoat Finish

Tough, baked on ceramic finish. Very durable, highly resistant to weathering. Several colours are available. Prices range from standard rifles ($350), Tikka or other small rifles ($275), barreled action only ($200) and misc. parts ($50).

Check out available finishes here!

Cut and Crown Barrel

Cut barrel to specified length and crown, or simply re-crown.


Drill and Tap


Drill and tap for scope mounting. Most guns will require four holes for scope mounting.

$75 setup fee + $25 per hole

Extractor Cuts


Some barrel installations may require an extra cut to be made to accommodate extractors.


Flute Bolt Body


This can be done on most guns. Prices are for cutting straight flutes ($150) and spiral flutes ($190).

We can also accumark the bolt ($50), cost is eliminated if you are doing the whole firearm.

Glass Bedding

Ensures point of impact reliability and repeatability when stock is removed for maintenance

Standard Glass bedding and Free Float of barrel - $200

Standard Glass bedding with pillars and free float - $250

Custom Glass bedding with pillars - $350

Includes milling machine work to inlet action and barrel channel

Common when installing new fibreglass and carbon fibre blanks with only basic inletting.

Range Fees

Range Fee (200yds)

The first range fee will include a general inspection of your firearm, and a standard service and clean if required. We will then create a data sheet, test out different ammos (generally at 200yds), Once we establish the most accurate ammo, we will record all data, clean your barrel, compile the data, and prepare in the info to order or produce a custom turret.

Customers are responsible for zeroing their gun, shooter to shooter point of impact varies. 

Item’s not included:

Mounting/re-mounting optics


Extreme Maintenance issues

Damaged Parts needing replaced (Rings/bases etc)

Trigger work 

Custom Turrets




Lapp Scope Rings

This ensures strong, solid contact between scope and mounts.


Muzzle Brake Installation

Muzzle brakes greatly reduce recoil. All of our muzzle brake types are made out of stainless steel and will be finished to match at No additional charge

Slimline 24 hole brakes are designed for barrels under .750 in diameter and are offered in typically 1/2x28 TPI and 9/16x24 TPI

32 hole muzzle brakes are designed for barrels .700 to 1 inch and are offered in 9/16x24 and 5/8x24

3 gill sporter are designed to fit barrels from 1 inch down to .550 The minimum outside diameter is .775 and are offered in 1/2x28 9/16x24 & 5/8x24

4 Gill tactical brakes have a locking feature that eliminates timing issues making them a perfect brake to adapt to factory rifles like the Ruger Precision, the Savage long range and ultralight, Remington 700 varmint and tactical & many other factory threaded rifles. Offered in two thread patterns 9/16x24 and 5/8x24 ( These are available as a blank call or email details we will need your caliber, thread size and color and we will build it to suit) Prices are $150 for stainless and $175 for a Cerakote finish

Prices are for 24 hole/32 hole muzzle brakes ($250 installed) and 3-gill sporter and tactical 4 gill muzzle brakes ($300 installed)

Muzzle Brake Cap


Removable, knurled cap to protect threads when muzzle brake is removed.

$50 to $75 depending on what is wanted


You can find our list of available reamers here.

*Reamers are not available for purchase, only for reaming services.*


Rechambering consists of changing the existing cartridge chambering into a new cartridge that shares the same bore size. We will test fire to prove the chamber. Feeding alterations, major engraving changes, and metal refinishing are not included in the price.

Standard Calibers - $300

Sako Extractor/M16 Installation

Installation of a Sako/M16 type extractor. Price includes both parts and labour.


Slab Action

Reduces the weight of the action by slabbing/octagonalizing the receiver.


Skeletonize Bolt Handle

This is a weight reduction in bolt handles while minimizing the effect on their structural integrity.


Stock Finish

Stock finishes range from standard paint ($200), wood stock finish ($300+), and custom paint camo colours ($100 per colour, minimum charge of $300).

Check out available finishes here!




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